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The OCANA is under the jurisdiction of the West Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch. We are Orthodox Catholic Christians under the apostolic succession of the Patriarch of West Syriac Orthodox Catholic Church. We are an outgrowth of the ancient one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Along with all Catholic Christians, we ARE the Church. Our clergy are validly ordained bishops, priests, and deacons in the Apostolic Succession, and are recognized as such.
We are fully Catholic, fully Apostolic and we pray for and look forward to the time when once more the unity Jesus prayed in John 17:21 will come to exist among all believers in him. We wait patiently for that unity (without uniformity) enjoyed by the early Church in Apostolic times. Though incorporated as a church, we are not just another denomination; we are a post-Concilia fellowship. Our churches practice unconditional love towards the outcast and marginalized as practices by Our Lord Jesus.

A Place For You

Are you looking for a Church that will accept you as you are? Are you un-churched, turned off, and marginalized?

We Got a Church for You!

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Have you been told you’re living in sin?

We invite you to receive Jesus and partake in the Holy Eucharist. Come and receive Forgiveness, not condemnation.

Our standard is Hebrew 13:1-18

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We ask only your willingness to come follow him who had no place to rest his head.